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Which Vehicles to Pursue? Are You Who You Say You Are?
What problem are we addressing?
Faster, More Efficient Vehicle Identification Faster, More Accurate Individual Identification
Who has this problem?
  • Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Departments
  • Border Patrols, Port Authorities
  • Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Departments
  • Food Retailers, Point-of-sale Merchants
  • Banking Institutions
  • Hotels, Airlines, Car Rental Agencies

Who else benefits?

  • State's Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Insurance Companies
  • Judicial System
  • Individuals Like You and I
  • Automotive Manufactures
  • PC / PDA & Mobile Device Manufactures
  • Corporations Requiring Additional Protection Against Unauthorized Access to Client/Server Information
What is our value proposition?
  • Improved Officer Efficiency
  • Reduction in False Arrests Due to Insufficient Probable Cause
  • Streamlined Consumer/Merchant Convenience
  • Reduction in Fraudulent Activity
  • Additional Consumer/Merchant/Corporate Security
What is Kinetic Group's solution?



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