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Kinetic Group Autometric Solutions

APV™ (Aware Patrol Vehicle Patent 7,352,290) is a patented patrol vehicle active scanning and notification system that uses existing wireless and information technologies combined with biometrics designed to dramatically improve officer efficiency in proactive selection, identification, confirmation and apprehension of drivers and passengers of suspicious vehicles. Kinetic Group’s APV™ solution provides decision support to officers in selecting which vehicles to pursue. Once in police custody, Kinetic Group’s Remote PositiveID™ biometric device helps officers determine if people are who they say they are based on fingerprint submission.

APV™ coupled with Remote PositiveID™ is Designed to Automatically:

  • Scan the embedded tag VIN, license plate number and registration expiration date of “targeted” vehicle in the immediate vicinity of a patrol car.
  • Compare vehicle ID information against “hot sheet” and other incident based law enforcement information electronically stored.
  • Confirm the identity of the driver or suspicious passenger by collecting real-time fingerprint submissions.
  • Transmit and Compare suspects fingerprint images against AFIS, INS, FBI and other law enforcement databases.
  • Visually and Audibly alert officer on matches for outstanding warrants against registered vehicle owner or passenger(s).
  • Provide additional decision support information for officer safety.

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